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TPCS IOSOL Formula 2

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Iodine, along with other trace minerals, once had a natural ecosystem supply route, thus replenishing the soil of the earth. Wind carried iodine over the earth from the ocean, and rain deposited the iodine and other trace minerals into the soil. There they were absorbed, providing nourishment to the plants that grew in the soil, the animals that ate these plants, and ultimately to humans, whose diet included both plants and animal products. The amount of iodine in the diet varied depending upon the amount absorbed by the soil.

As far back as the early 1900s, windborne iodine was depleted by the time it was delivered to the mid-United States. This region became known as the Goiter Belt, forcing the U.S. government to promote iodine as an essential nutrient to be added to milk and ultimately salt to combat the epidemic of hypothyroidism resulting in goiter. 

Our founder, John C. Thie, Sr., D.C., M.D., N.D., pointed out that the use of iodized salt has limitations. He believed that we are given false assurance that adequate iodine is supplied. He also noted that certain iodides are not well-tolerated by everyone. Too much potassium or sodium iodide can possibly produce toxic reactions, such as heart palpitations, skin rashes and stomach disturbances. Excess potassium or sodium iodide can even depress the thyroid as well as disrupt the body's electrical balance.Iosol was originally named Ioaquasol, "Io" standing for "iodine," "aqua" for "water," and "sol" for "solubility." The Iosol formula has been in constant use since the early 1940s. 

Today, more nutritionally-oriented doctors, pharmacies and health-food stores use this formula as a dietary thyroid support. Iosol is often used successfully when other herbs, dulse, kelp, or sodium/potassium iodides don't work. Iosol is a high-potency iodine and can be used with impunity. In clinics, Iosol is used as a dietary food supplement to raise the metabolism and support the thyroid. Iosol is nontoxic and water-soluble. Iosol is iodine ammonium iodide, and vegetarian glycerine. Unlike a sodium or potassium iodide, Iosol becomes free iodine which is more easily absorbed and assimilated. The free iodine is the essential trace element which will help raise your metabolism and restore the electrical balance of the body.Iodine is an essential trace mineral necessary for making hormones that help maintain certain functions for regulating your metabolism. Iodine is also known to help prevent or counteract radioactive iodine poisoning caused by nuclear fallout.

Why is our IOSOL Superior to other sources of iodine?•IOSOL has over fifty-five years of clinical use.

•IOSOL is nontoxic and water-soluble for easy assimilation. 

•IOSOL is rapidly and evenly absorbed in the body assuring excellent tissue penetration. 

•Our special formula is an ammonium iodide and iodine for complete body assimilation and maximum results as a food supplement.

Ammonium iodine vs. sodium/ and or potassium iodine 

The primary function of iodine is to raise the metabolism and restore the electrical balance for all the elements in the body.

Sodium/and or potassium iodineMost iodine products on the market today are either sodium and/or potassium iodine. Sodium and/or potassium iodine binds anatomically stronger than with any other element, therefore, the process of digesting and assimilating this combination is very difficult, which can lead to toxic reactions.In many cases, products that claim kelp, sea dulse, potassium and/or sodium iodine, contain little of the actual mineral. In fact, the iodine potency is so low it is undetectable in a laboratory test.

Ammonium iodide and iodineThe portion in IOSOL that is iodine, 43% is ammonium iodide and iodine, 57% is "free iodine." By the time theIOSOL enters the stomach, the ammonium separates from the iodide and the remainder becomes 100% is "free iodine" which raises the metabolism and restores the electrical balance of the body.

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