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About us

At Gone Green we take the Green Movement very seriously. Understanding what the word "Green" means you must start by looking at it's definition: To create Social, Economic & Environmental solutions for all people worldwide.

Gone Green is working to create these solutions one category at a time. Starting with the environmental aspects of the green movement we have defined what we need to create in order to make the solutions tangible. We have defined the Environmental solutions to consist of the following:

Environmental Solutions

  • Clean Air
  • Clean Water
  • Clean Food

By shopping at GoneGreenStore.com you are contributing to all three. We not only sell the cleanest and best tested products supplement (clean food) and water filtration (clean water) products on the market but we also plant a tree for every single product you buy (clean air). Together, with Trees For The Future, we have planted over 200,000 trees because of customers like you. Image the impact we could make if more people knew about GoneGreenStore.com.

We are dedicated to a cleaner and greener world. We are not here to tell you how great we are because we reuse and recycle packing materials. We are here to actually make a difference in the world. We hope that your support of GoneGreenStore.com will help make the world a better place.

We are always looking for additional ways that we can contribute to making the world a better place. That is why we started our "Drinking Water For Life" campaign with non-profit group Charity:Water. For every structured water unit or Aqualiv Water Filtration sold we donate money to Charity:Water to give 1 person clean drinking water for life.

Social Solutions

Gone Green is very active in the social solutions in the world today and we take a very active role in the political arena. Our Social Solutions summarized into three categories:

  • Restore The Constitution
  • Promote Individual Liberty
  • Protect Our Civil Liberties

Our Definition

Our definition of Social Justice is the preservation of individual liberty and the protection of the inalienable rights of every single individual in the world.

This must be understood as something that can only be achieved by individuals. We believe our rights are given to us by the force in the universe that created everything.

The smallest unit in a society is the individual him or herself. This is where justice and injustice begins and ends. It is our belief that every single individual has certain inalienable rights that cannot be infringed upon by another person, institution or government.

As societies, (which are nothing more than collectives of individuals), we believe that in order for these rights to be protected, governments may be instituted in the form of a Constitutional Republic that outlines to the best of its ability the framework of these rights and protects the encroachment of the government itself and other individuals from ever impeding on these rights.

In essence, the entire role of government is the protection of these rights. The government must serve as nothing more than a guardian of these rights and a way to rectify when these rights are infringed upon. These rights are not given to the individual by this document or the government, but rather are declared and recognized by this document that there are certain inalienable rights that shall not be infringed upon. This document and these inalienable rights must be considered the highest law of the land and nothing can transcend these rights.

The Work We Are Doing

Although the most important issue in Social Justice is our civil liberties and the threat to the very foundation of our Republic by unjust, unconstitutional laws.

The work that we are currently involved with is primarily with the criminal justice system in America. The fact that America has the largest prison population in the world, not only quantitatively but also as a percentage of our population is completely out of control.

We hope to develop programs to fund organizations and political candidates looking to get rid of these highly immoral laws. In the meantime, we are also looking to help another large, looming Social Justice issue that has been growing in our country for decades.

Qualitatively speaking, there is a large culture of crime, drugs, and gangs in America which is clearly a symptom of other unjust laws and policies.

We are working to both treat the symptoms and eliminate the cause.

The work we are currently doing to treat the symptom is with an organization called Return to Honor that specifically deals with the issues of formerly incarcerated people reintegrating back into society.

Don Kirchner, the founder of Return to Honor aspires to turn prisons into institutions of education and we support him fully in that journey and will do everything in our power to help him or anyone else who has the same vision to attain that goal. To further our support to Return To Honor, we try to hire eligible former offenders whenever possible in effort to give them a second chance in the world today.

We also have a Music Recording Label (Gone Green Records). We believe that music is what keeps people inspired and connected. By making good music, with a positive message we hope to inspire many more people to create positive social change as well. To learn more about Gone Green Records and our featured artist Ben Steezy and his music visit: bensteezy.com.

Economic Justice

Empowering Ourselves

Continue empowering ourselves to be the real holders of our own true wealth and walking the walk in our own lives. We know that goods, services and ideas are true wealth.

Money is only the means in order to exchange those things amongst each other. Therefore we never get the cart before the horse. We always create goods, services, and ideas in order to create value for the world, forcing money to show up as the means of distributing our contribution to the world.

We encourage everyone to do the same and not to fall victim of thinking money is the master. We say, No! Money is the servant. You are the master.


Financial Literacy is one of the most needed subjects in our classrooms. Understanding how money currently works in society and what gives money its value is the first step towards the real solution. No matter if it is Social, Economic or Environmental justice, education will also be the solution.

We are doing what we can to educate people to these issues and help people more clearly discern and see the actual complex layers that are the true causes of our global economics.

Political Action

The political actions that can be taken:

  • Get money out of politics.
  • Get us back on an equity-based currency, issued by the Treasury Department (not a private institution) Issuing it to us interest free and let the markets determine the value of our money, not a Private Central Bank.
  • Change corporate laws, allowing for socially responsible public and private corporations to choose to put society and environment above profit without tax implications. The fact is, a CEO of a publically traded company in the US is obligated by law, to do everything in their power to profit - regardless of their harm to the planet, people or animals. If this one terrible law was changed millions of problems around the globe would be solved. Whenever we discuss this particular with people they always mention, "What about B Corporations?" And our position is this. We love what B Corporation is working towards however, upon deeper investigation to become a B Corporation we learned that not only was B Corporation funded by the Rockefeller Family but also if we sell solar panels that have parts made in Asia or if we import goods we are not eligible. Apparently, it doesn't matter if we are supporting 800+ farmers, doesn't matter if everything we import is organic. Doesn't matter that we are contributing to get more homes in our area to run on Solar Power. Therefore, we must continue to empower ourselves, educate ourselves and continue to take political action whenever possible.

Social justice

Social Justice

  • Restore the Constitution
  • Promote individual liberty
  • Protect our civil liberties
Environment justice

Environmental Justice

  • Clean air
  • Clean water
  • Clean food
Economic justice

Economic Justice

  • Sound money
  • Competitive currencies
  • End the Fed