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Therasage Thera Tri-Light Panel

Generates high powered Red Light and Near-Infrared Frequencies in a soft, light-weight, flexible panel.

Therasage Prides itself on being the "World's Leader" on developing cutting edge Infrared devices and health science applications to achieve optimal health outcomes. Our new "Tri-Lite" Panel generates high powered Red Light and Near-Infrared Frequencies in a soft, light-weight, flexible panel.  "Tri-Lite" is a Therasage exclusive polychromatic Light Emitting Diode (LED) that succinctly generates the healing light frequencies, in the red light spectrum from 600 to 680 nm, and the near-infrared spectrum from  800 to 880nm, and 900, 940, 960 and 980nm, all from each diode. 

Light energy absorption is the ultimate goal. What are the most efficient ways that enable us to achieve 98% Emissivity and how does our Tri LIte accomplish that... Power intensity, the specialized light frequencies, the amount of time exposure to the rays and the distance your body is from the light source are all important in determining absorption. 

The Tri-Lite™M system has specialized frequencies in each diode. Each are powered with 5w of power, so they deliver 3 times the amount of BioPhoton light energy than a single monochromatic LED. In addition, because we use 110v / 220v electrical current to drive the light energy, Therasage is able to efficiently deliver almost 98% of the energy deep into the cells and tissues.  

Benefits Include:

Improved microcirculation

Enhanced blood oxygenation

Lowering oxidative stress

Improving the natural production of Nitric Oxide

Improving redox signaling molecules

Enhancing the natural production of collagen

Skin enhancements

Lowers inflammation

Can help to restore hair

Reduces episodes of cold sores

Heals scar tissue

Reduces itching


Pain management

...and wound healing to name a few. 

The Near InfraRed & Red light frequencies in the Tri-Lite™M system help the body to up-regulate cellular function. Biophoton energy, or light therapy has many amazing attributes. Many of us enjoy the healthy aspects of sunlight everyday, many of us cannot because of our busy lifestyles and or seasonal effects (like SADS). Each of the frequencies within the sun's rays have very specific and profound natural healing effects on our bodies. What is important to gleam from this, is that in order to get the most benefit from these powerful healing energies your body has to be exposed to them for the right amount of time with the proper amount of energy (electrical power) for the photon (or light) energy to penetrate deep into our tissues and ultimately our cells_(that's called emissivity) to be effective. That can be tricky in todays world, like being in the right place at the exact right time for the exact amount of time, to get the best benefits.

Therasage has made all that possible in a 30 minute treatment, in the comfort of your own home, at an affordable price. 

How Often Should I Use Red Light? 

With all InfraRed light therapy it's essential that you body is well hydrated to receive the best benefits. As with most therapies starting off low and slow is advisable. It's advisable to consult with your primary Healthcare provider for additional information. The general treatment time is 22 mins. Each day five (5) days a week. With the panel on directly on the skin, or up to 8 inches away.

High powered and highest irradience at 130mW/cm² @ 6" for your highest benefit!   

Therasage is the only Infrared and red light company that actually went through years of testing and scrutiny and finally granted a Class II Medical Device "K" listing number with the FDA.  Other Red Light companies promote FDA registration, which is simply a purchased number for import clearance.  Those brands products are not FDA medical devices.


One Thera TriLight Panel, 

Four (4) suction cups, 

One USB power cord, 

and One USB plug. 

PAD MEASUREMENTS:  14 in X 10 in

Tri-Light Panel