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Raw Forest Foods Wild Siberian Chaga Powder Extract

Wild harvested Siberian Chaga Extract (40:1) | 65 Grams
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Wild harvested Siberian Chaga Extract

Use for age reversal through Organ and Gland Regrowth and Deep Immune Resporation Each 25 Grams of Chaga Powder Extract has the equivalency of over 2.2 pounds of Siberian Chaga. This 40:1extract is standardized to contain 30% of the active constituents in chaga, including: betulinic acid polycaccharides inooidiol oxygenated triterpenes obliquol the raw forest foods difference

Chaga is one of the most powerful phyto-medicines in the world, however, used in the raw state, it is worthless to the human body. Chaga must be transformed through several extraction processes to unlock its vast rejuvenating, health transforming potential. Using the chaga extracts russian researchers implemented in clinical research into chaga as a guide, raw forest foods developed this chaga extract using a dual extraction process, resulting is a fine powder that is completely digestible, unlocking the potential of chaga. Each 25 grams requires over 2.2 pounds of Chaga, resulting is a 40:1 concentrations, and a standardized extract of 30% of the active constituents in Chaga. As a comparison, unprocessed Chaga powders and chunks contain under 1% of the active constituents (and even those are not bio-available). We developed this extract to provide you with the most powerful Chaga in the world, and that is what we did.

100% pure chaga (inonotus obliquus) extract powder
Raw Forest Foods
65 Grams