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Raw Forest Foods Pine Pollen Tincture

Pine Pollen Tincture delivers a potent and immedate dose of the strong phyto-androgens available in Pine Pollen. Using a Pine Pollen Tincture elevates levels of free Testosterone, as well as other androgen hormones.
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2:1 Professional Strength Extract of Pine Pollen Powder

Pine pollen tincture is an alcohol extract of our high quality raw pine pollen, and targets the phyto-androgens in pine pollen. The Tincture is indicated for those who would rather focus on the testosterone boosting capabilities of Pine Pollen, and are not concerned with the accompanying nutrients in Pine Pollen. Pine Pollen Tincture will provide the most dramatic improvements when combined with the pure, raw powder. Both raw pine pollen and the pine pollen tincture are highly digestible and absorbable by the body. Always take on an empty stomach. Our Pine Pollen extract is carefully made from wild harvested Pine Pollen and tinctured in pure grain and grape alcohol. We extract at a ratio of one 2:1, delivering a potent, medicinal grade Pine Pollen extract, resulting in an equivalent of 2.4 grams of fresh Pine Pollen in each dropper. Our Pine Pollen Tincture is the highest Bio-Available source of Pine Pollen's Phyto-Androgens Androstenedione (Andro), Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and Androsterone, which directly elevates levels of free (active) testosterone. 

The Health Benefits of our Pine Pollen Tincture Include*:

Promotes longevity with specific anti-aging compounds; Dramatically improves your vitality and stamina; Raises low testosterone in men; Increase male fertility by raising sperm count; Combats and reverses the effects of Andropause; Balances the Estrogen to Testosterone ratio in Women and Men; Prevents prostate disease; Promotes liver cell activity aiding in liver detoxification and rehabilitation; Regulates metabolism; Increases energy unlike any other food or supplement can; Improves muscle tone; Eliminates sexual dysfunction due to low androgen levels; Aids in weight management and promotes weight loss; Improves overall health, greatly promoting immune function; Easier and quicker time getting back into shape; Gentle daily cellular detoxification; Burns off brain fog and increases attention span and brain function; Improves skin elasticity (anti-aging); Clears acne; Dissolves and removes age spots on skin and in the body. Our Unique 2:1 Extraction Process

Our Endocrine Strengthening Formula tincture is a full 2:1 extract, with two parts of herb going into each part of hydroethanolic base liquid. This strong extraction results in an equivalent of 2.4 grams of fresh herb in each dropper. We prefer this alcohol based tincture because the active compounds in the herbs have been extracted into alcohol, which bypasses the digestive system, entering the blood system directly though the epithelial cells lining the mouth and the esophagus. Furthermore, the alcohol base is able to quickly penetrate the phosphor-bilipid cell membranes, delivering the active compounds immediately to every cell.

Pine (pinus massoniana) pollen, water, and pharmaceutical grade alcohol
Raw Forest Foods
2 oz