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Quantum Nutrition Labs Vitamin C

Nature-Derived, Whole Plant-Source Vitamin C without corn derivatives or synthetic ascorbic acid
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Quantum Vitamin C is a carefully crafted formula of natural botanical agents that provide natural ("made in nature") vitamin C without synthetic ascorbic acid or calcium ascorbate. Many vitamin C supplements on the market are produced with synthetic ascorbic acid that lacks the full spectrum of bioflavonoids and co-factors.   

Synthetic ascorbic acid and its variations – such as calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, or potassium ascorbate – are often made from genetically modified corn sugar. These synthetic molecules are only capable of mimicking one component of genuine vitamin C. In order for vitamin C to provide superior immune and antioxidant support, it must be complemented by the naturally occurring botanicals and co-factors which make vitamin C a synergistic compound.*  


Vitamin C acts as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant that protects cells against free radicals (which are unstable and damaging molecules).* Vitamin C is a nutrient that may help support the body's natural immune defenses through its antioxidant properties.* Vitamin C also helps to improve the absorption of iron in the diet, especially plant-based, non-heme iron, by capturing this iron and storing it in a form that is easily absorbable.*    

One of the best ways to get vitamin C naturally is to eat the recommended 5 – 9 servings per day of fruits and vegetables. However, cooking fruits and vegetables can lead to the loss of some of their vitamin content. In addition, it may be difficult for some people to eat enough servings of raw, natural fruits and vegetables every day. Supplementing a healthy diet with a robust, natural, safe source of vitamin C can help meet the daily requirement for this essential vitamin.   


The sacred tree, Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis), also known as amla, produces a special fruit that is well-known in the ancient Ayurvedic health system of India. The amla fruit has broad health applications and immune system benefits.* It is one of the richest vitamin C sources in the natural world, providing 10 to 30 times the vitamin C content of the average orange!   

This fruit also contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, the plum-sized fruit offers unique phytonutrients such as tannins, flavonoids, and polyphenolic compounds that support the immune system.* The antioxidant and immune-supporting properties of the fruit are boosted by its inherent bioflavonoid constituents, which bond to the vitamin C content and guard it from premature degeneration.*   


Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL) is proud to offer a high-quality nutritional product line to meet all your family's needs with a wide range of nutritional support, including Quantum Vitamin C. All of QNL's products are created and diligently tested for optimal nutritional outcomes, including purity, strength, and nutrient content.  Additionally, these formulas are manufactured without the use of undesirable excipients, such as magnesium stearate, which may have a negative impact on the immune system.  

Add Quantum Vitamin C to your daily nutritional regimen and… Go Quantum!

1) vitamin C (naturally occurring), 2) super c-pro blend, artichoke (leaf) (cynara scol.), parsley (leaf) (petroselinum cris.), blue green algae (whole), (aphanizomenon flos.), acerola (cherry) (malpighia gla.), rosehips (hip) (rosa can.), nattokinase, fo-ti (root) (polygonum mul.), chlorella (whole) (c. vulgaris), cordyceps, (mycelia) extract (fermented) (cordyceps sinensis), nutritional yeast,(saccharomycescerevisiae) 3) super c-pro support, noni (fruit) (morinda cit.), cla (dconjugated linoleic acid), carrot (root) (daucus carota), lemon (peel) (citrus limon), cilantro (leaf) (coriandrum sat.), green tea (leaf) extract (camellia sin.), rice protein, inulin (chicory source), turkey tails (mycelia, fruiting body, spore) (coriolus vers.), olive leaf extract (olea eur.), bitter orange (fruit) extract (citrusaur.), reishi (fruiting body) extract (ganoderma luc.) 3) camu super-c, camu-camu (fruit) (myrciaria dub.)
Other ingredients
Coral, stabilized rice bran, vegetable cellulose capsule, contains milk, soy (as soy lecithin; trace amounts occur in cla).
Suggested Use
Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily.
Quantity & type
60 caps (Super C-Pro - 210 mg, Super C-Pro - 116 mg, Camu Super-C - 100 mg).
Quantum Nutrition Labs
60 caps