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Patrick Flanagan's Crystal Energy

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Crystal Energy: Turning Regular Water into "Hunza" Water

1 bottle of Crystal Energy = 406 servings, 10 drops to every 8 oz of water, 120 mls total (60 day supply) 

Crystal energy is how you turn regular water into Hunza water, but what is Hunza water?Well, after the father of fluid dynamics, Henri Coanda, spent his entire life searching for the Fountain of Youth, he had actually come pretty close to figuring it out. He had studied the five mountainous regions of the world where people commonly lived a healthy productive life well over 100 years old and found that although they ate different food, the water they drank in all these different areas of the world, was all virtually the same. Henri Coanda set out to study the Hunza water of Pakistan in particular and in 1973, at the ripe old age of 78, he gave that research over to Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Patrick was only 17 at the time... and a nationally recognized child genius who had even made a spread in Life Magazine as one of the top 10 most promising up and coming scientists in the world at that time. He was also a consultant at a Pentagon think tank at that time and thats actually how and where he met Dr. Henri Coanda! 

Imagine that, a 17 year old child genius doing consulting work along side the father of fluid dynamics (who was 78 years old at the time), and telling Patrick that the Fountain of Youth was real and that he was going to give him all of his research and one day he would figure it out! 

Twenty years later Patrick did exactly that. It took him a long time to figure out how to replicate the water and develop the product Crystal Energy, but he did, and this is the secret that still lives in Crystal Energy. No one knows how to replicate it. Governments have tried, scientists have tried, and no one can do it. 

Patrick claims its a natural process, but very complicated, thats why no one can duplicate it. He is a firm believer in a healthy, natural lifestyle and the purpose of his product is to replicate Mother Nature. The product is safe and effective and should really be taken daily throughout ones life to fully reap the benefits. 

The properties of Hunza water are: a lower surface tension and freezing point, a high zeta potential, natural colloids, minerals and a unique tiny form of silica that holds the keys to the secrets of this water.The water is incredibly similar to the water surrounding our cells, resulting in better cellular hydration and nutrient absorption for the people who consume it. However, this isn't the greatest secret of drinking Hunza water. The greatest secret is that it increases the rate of flow of water across cell membranes by 2.5 times, and due to the power of water, it subsequently increases the rate of flow for nutrients crossing cell membranes by up to 96 times! Not just water soluble nutrients either. It also increases the rate of flow for lipid, or fat soluble, nutrients by up to 96 times as well! Adversely, it allows 96 times more toxins to be removed from the cells as well. This is the secret to Hunza water.

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Silica, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, oleic acid, purified water
Suggested Use
1 bottle of Crystal Energy = 406 servings, 10 drops to every 8 oz of water, 120 mls total (60 day supply)
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