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Dragon Herbs Hermit Mix

This unique and absolutely delicious herbal food is both a powerful anti-aging tonic and a wonderful snack. Hermits Mix provides all three treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen. It is an amazingly satisfying herbal food and trail mix.
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Hermit's Mix 

This unique and absolutely delicious herbal food is both a powerful anti-aging tonic and a wonderful snack. Hermit's Mix provides all three treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen. It is an amazingly satisfying herbal food and trail mix. Goji is widely believed in the Orient to be a major anti-aging herb. Longan is an excellent blood tonic. The Goji and Longan fruits mix perfectly and delectably with the walnuts and pine nuts. Walnuts are an excellent and important Yang tonic in Chinese herbalism. We use naturally grown, peeled walnuts (the thin outer skin is believed to be slightly toxic and counter-productive). The pine nuts are an excellent source of energy. Pine nuts also suppress appetite. This mix gives you incredible energy. And, Hermit's Mix is an excellent beauty tonic. You've got to try this fantastic snack mix. You'll love it and you'll love to turn your friends on to it.

Hermit's mix - why the nuts? 

Hermit's Mix is one of Dragon Herbs' featured products. It has been one of our best selling products for almost two decades. It is unique, delicious and healthy. The Goji berry is a well-established super-tonic anti-aging herb that is discussed at length elsewhere on this website. And Longan fruit is a major blood tonic widely used in tonic herbalism for its blood tonic and skin supporting benefits. But some people wonder about the merits of the walnuts and the pine nuts – in fact, occasionally some people ask to have one or the other removed because they fear them in terms of fat or digestibility. Some people assume we add these nuts serendipitously for flavor or texture, and not for their tonic or anti-aging value. The fact is, these two ingredients are fabulous superfoods that have an astounding range of benefits. The following discussion may prove enlightening.


Walnuts are well-known here in the West as a delicacy. However, to the Chinese, walnut "meat" is an important tonic herb which has significant tonic qualities. Traditionally, walnuts are said to be tonic to the Kidney Yang, and support the Kidney's capacity to "grasp the qi." Walnuts are thus, according to traditional Chinese health theory, beneficial to the primal energy of a human being, replenishing Yang Jing. In particular, it is used to strengthen the Kidney functions, and therefore it is used to strengthen the lumbar region of the back, the legs, the brain and the sexual organs. They are one of the only nuts considered to be a "superior herb." That is a designation beyond being just another healthy food. No other true nut is included in this elite category of tonic herbs that also includes Deer Antler, Eucommia and Cistanche. As a Yang tonic, walnuts are used in herbal formulations and in tonic food preparation to benefit the creative abilities of the mind and to strengthen sexual functions in men and women, to increase physical strength and to promote longevity.

Recent research and analysis in the West has shed light on the powerful nutritional benefits of walnuts. The walnut provides essential fatty acids for healthy skin and the development of body cells. Walnuts provide both monounsaturated fat and a rich supply of omega-3 fatty acids. A handful of walnuts contains almost as much omega-3 fatty acid as 3 ounces of salmon. Monounsaturated fat is considered to be probably the healthiest type of general fat (olive oil is also rich in monounsaturated fat). It has none of the adverse effects associated with saturated fats or trans-fats.

The walnut is one of the most heart-healthy nuts – if not the healthiest. In a heart healthy diet, you need different unsaturated fatty acids that come from a variety of vegetable sources. The monounsaturated fat in walnuts is heart healthy. Walnuts are a good source of two unsaturated fatty acids: linolenic acid and alpha-lanoline acid. The omega-3-fatty acids in walnuts support good circulation.

Walnuts contain vitamin E, iron, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and folic acid, which build bones, and maintain the health of the heart and blood.

Walnuts also contain vitamin B6, which is helpful in relieving many of the symptoms associated with PMS. Middle-aged men with the highest blood level of vitamin B6 scored twice as high on a memory test than those with the lowest B6, according to Tufts University researchers – the higher the B6, the higher the memory scores. Walnuts may also help prevent joint pain and mild depression associated with old age.

"Supportive but not conclusive research shows that eating 1.5 ounces per day of walnuts, as part of a low saturated fat and low cholesterol diet and not resulting in increased caloric intake, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease."

Walnuts are also used in Asia to support the lungs. They also support the functions of the colon. The traditional Chinese dosage is 1/3 to 1 ounce of walnuts daily.

The walnuts used in Dragon Herbs Hermit's Mix are a special grade of walnut and have an especially fine, clean flavor. They are also special in that they are peeled. According to Chinese herbal tradition, the walnut skin is believed to be slightly toxic and counteracts some of the benefits of the rest of the nut. Their walnuts are refrigerated from the farm until packaging to prevent spoilage. They bag them in small quantities to protect the freshness of the nuts.

Pine Nuts 

Pine nuts are actually not botanically referred to as "nuts," but as seeds, since they are the seedlings of pine cones. Once upon a time, many people were afraid of pine nuts (a decade ago, people were afraid of all nuts) because they thought they were fattening – this was before the public understood the difference between "good fats" and "bad fats." Pine nuts are now known to contain almost entirely "good fat." Pine nuts contain approximately 60% fat, most of which is composed by polyunsaturated fats, and in particular linoleic and linolenic acids, essential fatty acids required by the body but not produced in the body. The best thing about pine nuts is their high concentration of monounsaturated fat, which paves the way for a healthier cardiovascular system, skin and immune system.

Pine nuts are very nutrient dense. These tasty seeds are rich in vitamins A, C and D. Vitamin A contributes to the growth and development of the body. Pine nuts contain a complex of vitamins B and D which stabilize nervous system functioning, improve blood composition and have a favorable effect on skin tissue. The vitamin D in pine nuts supports stronger bones and teeth, by improving the body's ability to absorb calcium. Vitamins A and C support vision and the immune system.  

Pine nuts are Especially rich in vitamins b1 (thiamine) and b6, which helps with pms and supports cognitive functions.  

Pine nuts also contain about 20% protein. Pine nut protein is easily digested by humans.

Pine nuts' high amino acid content features L-arginine (20%). Natural food-based L-arginine supports the normal production of Human Growth Hormone and other hormones, supports the immune system, regulates a range of vital metabolic processes, supports brain function, and supports sexual functioning. Found in high concentrations in the connective tissues, l-arginine is a component of collagen that plays a vital role in the production of new tissue and bone cells – and helps keep the skin young and elastic. L-arginine supports the activity of the thymus gland, which produces T-cells, and thus supports immune functions. L-arginine actually facilitates a reduction in body fat, while increasing lean muscle mass. So this may be useful for those who are overweight (but not obese).To top it off, studies have shown that l-arginine inhibits the absorption of saturated fats from one's diet. L-arginine is considered to be a key to efficient muscle metabolism because of its role in the transport, storage, and elimination of nitrogen. Creatine, which plays an important role in muscle metabolism, is derived from l-arginine. Seminal fluid contains substantial quantities of l-arginine and l-arginine supports normal libido (sexual drive). L-arginine has been shown to support healthy normal sperm viability and motility. L-arginine is reported to have the ability induce erections in otherwise healthy men. L-arginine is believed to serve as a precursor to the important neurotransmitter nitric oxide (NO) which plays a critical role in stimulating healthy sex drive and enhanced sexual performance in men. Nitric oxide also plays a role in the dilation and constriction of small blood vessels in brain. Therefore, l-arginine may support normal cerebral circulation.

The vitamin E (tocopherol) content in pine nuts exceeds that in walnuts, almonds and peanuts. Of course, vitamin E plays a key role in many areas of the body. Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that binds oxygen free radicals. Vitamin E supports a nursing ability to produce milk.

Pine nuts contain numerous microelements (minerals and trace minerals), including magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorous and iodine. The nuts are especially rich in magnesium and phosphorus. In fact, pine nuts surpass all other nuts and oil-bearing seeds in their phosphorus content. Although the soy bean is generally considered the richest source of phosphorus among vegetable sources, the pine nut is in fact its equal. Pine nut is an excellent source of iodine.

Why It's Called Hermit's Mix 

For all this goodness nutritionally, pine nuts are also delicious. Pine nuts are known for their easy digestibility. For many centuries pine nuts consumed by Taoist hermits instead of grain because they were much easier on the body and provided superb and efficient nutrition and energy. Taoist hermits throughout Asia resisted eating rice and other grains, and instead ate pine nuts as a primary source of energy and nutrients. When combining pine nuts with edible herbs, the Taoists created a superfood diet – which we call Hermit's Mix. Ron Teagarden's  teacher, Master Sung Jin Park, ate pine nuts and herbs as his diet when he lived as a hermit in the remote mountains of Korea with his teacher, the Venerable and Immortal Grand Master Moo San Do Sha. The blend of Pine Nuts, Walnuts, Goji berries and Longan fruit is a true supertonic superfood.

Traditional Functions: Tonifies Qi, Blood, Yin Jing, Yang Jing and Shen. Beautifies the skin and brightens the eyes, supports sexual function. Excellent energy food.

Who Can Use It: Everyone.  

Specifications:  6 oz bag.  

Ingredients: Goji berries, Longan fruit, Walnuts, and Pine nuts.

Goji berries, longan fruit, walnuts, and pine nuts.
Suggested Use
Feel free to eat a serving a day as a snack.
Quantity & type
6oz. bag.
Dragon Herbs
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