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Vivapura Golden Berries 8oz.

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The Goldenberry is truly Nature's sweet-n-sour candy! It bursts in your mouth with a tangy zing that is reminiscent of tart citrus. You will love to see the delightful pucker on peoples' faces as you share with them the Goldenberry for the first time. Goldenberries are particularly plump and delectable. They are so unique and refreshing that you will be glad you have an entire bag to share and enjoy!

The Goldenberry is also known as a Inca Berry, Gooseberry, Cape Gooseberry, and Ground-cherry. It is closely related to the tomatillo. The fruit is a small round berry about the size of a marble with numerous small yellow seeds. It is bright yellow-orange when ripe, and the color deepens when they are sun-dried.