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Portable Structured Water Unit

Easy to clean and maintain super hydration, Increased oxygen in the water, Increased absorption of nutrients. Portable unit.
Buy 5 or more and save up to 10%!

Did you know with every Structured Water Unit you buy, one person will get clean drinking water for life? Call us now for more info on how your purchase helps provide clean drinking water to someone for life.


The Portable Unit is the easiest way to structure water at home and on the go. Enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of Structured Water when you're out and about; whether in-town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling. Also, great for apartment living, where a house unit is not an option. Simply pour water through the top (large end) and point the small spout into any container to get the benefits of Structured Water.

Clean by soaking the unit in a bath of water and apple cider vinegar, warm soapy water, or by running through the dishwasher.Storing:The Portable can be drained and stored in either direction, i.e., spout up or spout down.

What To Expect From A Portable Structured Water Unit

  • Super hydration 
  • Increased oxygen in the water
  • Increased absorption of nutrients 
  • All toxic memory held in water is wiped clean
  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Easy to clean and maintain (no moving parts)
  • Structures water while traveling 
  • Structures any bottled water 
  • Structures juice, tea and coffee on the go
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A Portable Unit Is a One-Time Purchase For a Lifetime of Health
  • For Every Unit You Buy We Will Give Clean Drinking Water to One Person For Life Through Our Partnership With Charity: Water

Benefits Of Structured Water

  • Promotes Healthy Energy Levels
  • Helps Regulate Digestion 
  • Benefits The Respiratory System 
  • Helps You Maintain a Healthy Body Weight 
  • Has Been Shown To Greatly Benefit Plants and Animals 

How It Works

Natural Action Technologies®  Structured Water is formed through the energy created by water as it is allowed to naturally move. These Structured Water Units were built to mimic the movement of water in nature. This spinning action actually cleans the memory of water while neutralizing any toxins.

Through the feedback of our customers, especially those living in highly populated areas, we initiated another enhancement of Structured Water to minimize the effects of electro magnetic fields. We observed that EMF energy changes the properties affecting the density of water. Simply, water becomes "hard" as a result of EMF energy. Hard water is problematic for the human body, animals and all living things to absorb the water that is needed, creating the direct effect of dehydration.

Dynamically Enhanced

Currently, all Dynamically Enhanced products have additional – all natural – elements within the flow form which create an ion effect when water dances across it. Therefore, this Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water process actually becomes an ion exchange process.

Tests show that the biophotonic energy of a water molecule that flows through a Dynamically Enhanced product is higher than those from an original product. In fact, the energy signature is one and a half to two times stronger.

The original product is a powerful structuring device and it works all over the world, in environments that are not inundated by cell phone towers, microwave towers and a lot of electrical power lines or underground electrical sources. The difference is that the original products work from the water moving through the device, but the dynamically enhanced have an extra charge of energy. When you add structuring to that energy, you get an exponential outcome.

Additional Benefits of Dynamically Enhanced Products

  • Rejuvenate your skin. Increase immunity. Restore our bodies, and the environment.
  • Purify, enhance and increase the energy of the Structured Water. 
  • Neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic fields.
  • Eliminate and absorb things that are harmful to man and nature.
  • Neutralize water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms.

Additional info
Product Specifications: Length: 7.5″ (end to end) Weight: 9.5 oz The Natural Action Technologies (NAT) limited lifetime warranty coverage of (10) years covers manufacture defects or quality issues. It is also accompanied by a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee from the date of delivery. The warranty does not include misuse, abuse, sunlight damage, improper installation, freeze damage, natural disaster or blemishes from the manufacturing process.
Natural Action Technologies
Dynamically Enhanced Portable Unit