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Dragon Herbs Super Yang Jing

A potent formula made from the finest Chinese herbs to enhance yang jing.
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Super Yang Jing Drops is made from the most powerful Yang tonic herbs used in Chinese herbalism. This is a very potent 8:1 hydro-ethanolic extract. It is designed for fast action, but also has profound long term cumulative benefits. Yang tonic herbs are strengthening, invigorating and warming. Many of the Yang tonics have traditionally been held in the Orient to be highly beneficial sex tonics for normal healthy individuals.

The herbs in this formula are the most powerful of the Yang tonics. These same herbs have historically been used in tonic formulations used by Asia's richest men. In fact, this formula is based on an 11th century sex manual which describes formulations used by the emperor of China, a man who reputedly had more than a thousand concubines! This formula is an adaptogen.

It contains ingredients such as Deer Antler Tips, Epimedium, He Shou Wu, Cordyceps, Red Ginseng and Cistanche - herbs known around the world to help promote sexual power. In fact every herb in the formula promotes the vitality of the Kidney system, tonifies Kidney Yang and stokes the Fire of Life. The herbs in this formula are also famed for their general health benefits. Combined and cooked together, Super Yang Jing Drops is a superb general tonic for highly active individuals.

only super-premium grade herbs are used to prepare this product. Due to the supreme quality of the raw materials used to make this product, Super Yang Jing Drops is unmatched in the American market. The formula contains no additives or chemicals. It may be used for an extended period of time (even a lifetime) or it may be used intermittently.*

Traditional Function: Yang tonifying formulation*

Who can use it?

Men who wish to help increase Yang energy Concentration: 8:1


2 fl. oz. Ingredients:Deer Antler Tips, Epimedium leaf, Cistanche root and stem, Cuscuta seed, Cordyceps mycelium, Sea Dragon, Schizandra fruit, Chinese Red Ginseng root, Eucommia bark, Cornus officinalis fruit, Astragalus root, Prepared Aconite, He Shou Wu root Other Ingredients: water, alcohol Usage: 3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner

Epimedium leaf, deer antler tips, cistanche root, cordyceps mycelium, chinese red ginseng root, astragalus root, he shou wu (polygonum multiflorum) root, sea dragon, prepared sichuan aconite root, cuscuta seed, schizandra fruit, eucommia bark, cornusofficinalis fruit.
Other ingredients
Water, alcohol.
Suggested Use
3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.
Quantity & type
2 fl oz.
Dragon Herbs
2 fl oz