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Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu eeTee

Polygonum multiflorum, known as he shou wu (pronounced he show woo) in Chinese, has a centuries-old reputation in Asia as a premier anti-aging herb.
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He Shou Wu eeTee

(This He Shou Wu produced is produced with Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology (FITT), which does not cook the herbs in order to extract them. The herb is extracted at less than 108ºF, preserving the pigments, bioactive components and intact enzymes. It is to be consumed as a tea. He Shou Wu eeTee™ dissolves within seconds in room temperature or warm water.)

He Shou Wu (pronounced huh – similar to English "huh", but not as open – show woo) is one of the most popular and highly revered tonic herbs in Asian herbalism. He Shou Wu is the prepared tuberous root of Polygonum multiflorum, a plant that grows in the mountains of central and southern China. It shares the position as the primary essence (Jing) tonic of Chinese herbalism with the Goji berry.

By virtue of its ability to accumulate tremendous quantities of Qi into its root, this herb can tonify the human and animal organs and can tonify and nourish the blood. He Shou Wu is not a stimulant. However, it is one of the greatest energy tonics known to mankind. Its action is cumulative, as any truly healthy tonic dietary supplement would be. Because it is a very mild sedative, it will calm the nervous system. So it can be said that He Shou Wu is both energizing and calming. That is the magic of a great tonic herb.

He Shou Wu helps maintain the strength and stability of the lower back and knees. It is used to maintain youthful sexual drive, normally abundant sperm count in men and to support the health of the ova in women. It is widely used in Asia to maintain the youthful condition and color of the hair. It can calm the nervous system. It has components that are potent antioxidants with gentle actions in the liver and the eyes.

Its strength partially comes from its remarkable ability to support and maintain the healthful cleaning functions of the kidney and liver, which in turn clean the blood.

He Shou Wu is a good source of iron. He Shou Wu contains potent antioxidants and in antioxidant-potentiating molecules. He Shou Wu supports the body's innate ability to efficiently clear superoxide, the highly reactive free radical, from the body. Free radicals are produced at every moment of our life as part of the living process and our health depends upon our clearing them from our body on a moment to moment basis. This support generally comes from foods and herbs humans consume. It is widely believed that the SOD-generating capacity of HeShou Wu is one of the reasons it is considered by many to have"anti-aging" and "longevity increasing" activity. These actions help maintain healthy physical and mental functions and structures.

He Shou Wu contains zinc. Zinc is an essential trace mineral required by all forms of life. Numerous aspects of cellular metabolism are zinc-dependent. Zinc plays important roles in growth and development, the immune response, neurological function and reproduction. Zinc is important to our sexual and reproductive functions.

He Shou Wu has been found to support fundamental immunological functions. He Shou Wu has been found to improve adrenal gland functioning.

He Shou Wu is unsurpassed in its ability to provide deep, primordial energy (Jing, essence) to the cells of the body via the Kidney system as described in Chinese health philosophy. He Shou Wu supports the human body's "functional reserve."

He Shou Wu is widely used in Chinese tonic herbalism as a tonic to promote healthy aging by tonifying the Kidney and Liver functions, toning up Jing (vital essence), nourishing the blood, and fortifying the muscles, tendons and bones.

Traditional Function: As a tonic to the kidney and liver functions, toning up the vital essence and blood, fortifying the muscles, tendons and bones, and to prevent premature aging, maintaining the youthful condition and color of the hair, strengthening sperm and ova, fortifying the back and knees and as the premier longevity herb of Chinese tonic herbalism.

Who can use it? Anyone

Specifications: 60g

Concentration: He Shou Wu powdered extract is the powdered extract of the highest grade Prepared Polygonum multiflorum tubers grown in the remote high mountains of Yunnan province, China. It is produced by fitt™ technology at a temperature less than 108ºf.

Ingredients: Prepared Polygonum multiflorum (He shou wu) root extract

Usage: He Shou Wu may be used as a maintenance herb throughout one's lifetime. It is often the primary tonic herb used in a Jing-building program. Standard dosage would be 1 – 3 tbsp. per day

Prepared polygonum multiflorum (he shou wu) root extract, maltodextrin (a binding agent, enzymatically derived from plant starch. may contain a trace amount of corn or wheat).
Suggested Use
He Shou Wu may be used as a maintenance herb throughout ones lifetime. It is often the primary tonic herb used in a Jing-building pro gm Take 1-3 tsp per day.
Quantity & type
60 gm, 2 gm per serving, 30 servings.
Dragon Herbs
30 cups