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Raw Forest Foods Raw Pine Pollen Extract Powder

Raw pine pollen powder. Cracked Cell-Wall 65 Grams
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Why Use a Powdered Extract? 

Powdered pine pollen extract is a highly concentrated extract of our raw pine pollen. In a highly precise conversion process, the pine pollen is distilled into highly potent powder which has many useful qualities. For example, powdered extracts have a long shelf life, while at the same time retaining all the original plant compounds, because of a very exact extraction process. The high extraction ratio also means that the powder is very concentrated and a small amount can go a long way. Lastly, powdered extracts dissolve immediately in warm water, and are great for quickly and easily taking strong concentrations of medicinal plants. 

Understanding Powdered Extracts: 

The high extraction ratio makes powdered extracts a very important form of plant medicine. But to understand extracts it is important to know their concentrations. For example, tinctures usually offer a 1:5 extraction ratio, which means that 1 part of the plant goes into 5 parts of extract. So each part of the extract is only one fifth as strong as the original plant (our tinctures are all 2:1 extracts, ten times the potency of other tinctures). Powdered extracts offer a much more potent concentration, where the ratio is actually flipped. In powdered extracts it is common to see a 5:1 extract or a 10:1 extract. This means that either 5 or 10 parts of the plant went into producing just 1 part of extract. In a 10:1 extract, like our pine pollen powder extract, for every 1 part of extract, you actually receive 10 times that amount of original plant material. If you take 1 teaspoon of extract, it is the equivalent of taking 10 teaspoons of the original plant. 

How We Make our Pine Pollen Extract: 

The process of manufacturing powdered extracts requires highly advanced and specialized equipment. This is because the process must be exact, and requires a high level of quality assurance. Here at raw forest foods, our quality assurance team analyzes each batch of herbs for any possible contamination or presence of heavy metals. We also test each batch to ensure that only the most appropriate plant species and varieties are being used. 

After the Quality Assurance process is complete, the bulk herbs are combined with water. This water extract is then reduced in large vats over very low heat, until the desired concentration is obtained. For some powdered extracts, a more focused extraction is performed, where a certain level of active plant compounds is targeted.

The liquid is then blown into a specialized drying unit where the mixture is converted into extract powder. And remember, because we make our extract ourselves, you don't pay hefty middleman markups. Quality pine pollen at very affordable prices – that was our philosophy when we founded our company, and is still our philosophy today.

100% pinus massoniana pollen extract
Raw Forest Foods
65 Grams