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Om Pur Lemongrass Thyme Facial Cleanser

Alive & Ageless Skincare... Wildcrafted, Organic & Natural.
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Purifying Lemongrass & Thyme essential oils blend into an herbal base with astringent, antimicrobial & sebum- balancing properties. Skin is cleansed with all natural, renewable resources made from coconut/palm oils & plant sugars. The pH is a match for your skin to keep it healthy with balanced moisture.
Ingredients: *Aloe-Herb Infusion (Aloe vera juice, Lemongrass, Thyme, Lemon balm, Sage, Neem, Lavender, Plantago); Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate (and) Lauryl glucoside (Coconut/Palm oils & Plant sugars); Veg Glycerin; Aspen bark extract; *Rosemary distillate; *Witch hazel distillate; Xanthan gum; *Lemongrass oil; *Thyme oil; *Rosemary oleoresin *Wildcrafted or Organic

Om Pur
60 ml.