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Om Pur Grapeseed Geranium Balancing Moisturizer

Alive & Ageless Skincare... Wildcrafted, Organic & Natural.
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Natural law teaches us that 'oil dissolves oil'. Only an oil moisturizer can penetrate through excess sebum in skin to 'break' it up and carry oil-balancing nutrients deep into the skin's tissues. Our new extra light oil moisturizer for oily skin provides the hydration oily skin needs as well as sebum-balancing herbs and essential oils.
Ingredients Herb-infused *Grapeseed oil (*Geranium, *lemon balm, *nettle, *neem, *rosemary, *green tea and *basil leaves; *Hibiscus and *echinacea flowers; *Bitter orange peel; *Goji berry); *Jojoba oil; Hazelnut oil; *Cranberry seed oil; *Carrot seed ext; *Rosehip seed extract; *Lavender oil; *Geranium oil; *Pettigrain oil; *Lemon tea tree oil; *Cedarwood oil; Frankincense oil; *Lemon oil; Vitamin E oil; *Rosemary extract *Wildcrafted or Organic Ingredients

Om Pur
15 ml.