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Om Pur Chaste Berry Valerian PMS Support Oil

Alive & Ageless Skincare... Wildcrafted, Organic & Natural.
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For special female support before and during the menstrual cycle, our concentrated herb-infused oil and aromatherapy was created to help alleviate or reduce all the symptoms associated with PMS. 

Ingredients: Herb-infused oil (*Sesame oil, *St. Johns wort, *Motherwort, *Chaste berry, *Marjoram, *Kava kava rt, *Valerian rt, *Dong Quai, *Wild yam rt, *Black cohosh, *Hops, *Dandelion lvs & rt, *Milk thistle seed); *Jojoba oil; *Lavender oil; Vitamin E oil; *Chaste berry oil; *Clary sage oil; *Geranium oil; *Marjoram oil; *Valerian root oil; *Pettigrain oil 

*Wildcrafted or Organic Ingredients

Om Pur
60 ml.