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Jing Herbs Shen Nong's Ginseng

Increases physical energy. Supports digestion. Amazing adaptogen. Perfect for everyday use.
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Shen Nong's Ginseng is a premium Ginseng extract that delivers high energy, adaptability, and vitality. We have designed this extract as the ultimate daily Ginseng supplement for the discerning connoisseur. This special Ginseng extract contains all Three Treasures--Essence (Jing), Energy (Qi), Spirit (Shen) and nourishes both Yin and Yang.

Shen Nong's Ginseng is perfect for daily use to sustain health, vitality, and longevity. Ginseng roots have been revered and prized for thousands of years in the Orient for good reason. They simply make you feel better! They give you more energy, endurance, and capacity for living your life to the fullest. This amazing blend includes rare wild roots that greatly enhance the Spirit and nourish Shen. This is the perfect tonic for those that seek the best and demand the most of their lives.

Ginseng root is perhaps the greatest herb known to man. Its original translation is "man root" and according to legend, it was a gift given to man from the gods. It is highly prized because of its powerful ability to promote health and longevity. It supports immune function, provides energy, balances the endocrine system, tonifies digestion, strengthens the Lungs, and promotes adaptability. High quality Ginseng also calms the Spirit and is considered a supreme Shen tonic. It is truly an herb fit for a King or Queen. Ginseng root is the perfect counterpart in the plant world to man himself: strong, durable, adaptable, and resilient. Moreover, those same properties of Ginseng are conveyed to us when we consume this herb.

American Ginseng has a unique standing in the ginseng family because unlike its Eastern cousins, it is cooling rather than warming in nature. It is primarily categorized as a Jing tonic as it nourishes and replenishes Yin essence in the body; however, it is a powerful Energy (Qi) tonic in its own right. It tonifies Lung function as well as generates fluids, especially in the Lungs. American Ginseng also has powerful adaptogenic properties, and because of its cooling nature, it is a tonic very appropriate for those experiencing both stress and heat symptoms. For those exposed to smog or cigarette smoke on a regular basis, American Ginseng helps to lessen the harmful side effects of those pollutants.

Wild American Ginseng is highly prized, as it exists only in very small quantities and grows rarer each season. As a potent Essence and Energy tonic, Wild American Ginseng shares all the same qualities as its cultivated cousin, but in addition, it is a supreme Spirit (Shen) tonic and consumption of it constitutes a special experience.

Chinese Ginseng (Asian Ginseng) is a cultivated root available in both a red and white variety. The red ginseng undergoes a steaming and drying process that changes its color and attributes. This process makes it a warmer and more Yang variety than white ginseng and it provides more physical energy, sexual energy, and power. The white variety is most often used for tonifying digestion, increasing adaptogenic energy, strengthening overall Energy (Qi) in the body, and promoting longevity.

Wild Manchurian Ginseng is rare, sacred, precious, and a transformational herb of the highest order. It is one of the most treasured herbs in the world because of its rarity and effect on the human soul. It is a Spirit (Shen) tonic of supreme proportion. Empowering the Spirit is an endeavor of great import and Wild Manchurian ginseng facilitates that spiritual transformation. Wild Manchurian roots are grown in the sacred Chungbai Mountains of northeast China, once a preserve for the royalty of China. Sought out and consumed by Taoist Sages for thousands of years, Wild Chungbai Mountain Ginseng is an herb of spiritual evolution. The longer the root is allowed to grow, the greater the Spirit (Shen) the root will have. Unbelievably, roots have been found that are beyond 50 years of age! Wild Manchurian ginseng is quite rare and the opportunity to consume it should be treasured. Feel blessed if your path crosses with these gifts from the heavens.

Korean Ginseng is a cultivated root available in both a red and white variety. The red ginseng undergoes a steaming and drying process that changes its color and attributes. Korean Red ginseng is considered to be the most Yang of all the ginsengs thus making it the most physically powerful because of its hot nature. It is highly treasured by athletes and lovers because of this attribute. Korean Red ginseng comes in several grades; Earth, Man, and Heaven. Heaven grade Korean ginseng is the highest quality and is the exclusive Korean Red ginseng used by Jing Herbs. Korean white ginseng is similar in properties and action to Chinese white ginseng as it tonifies digestion, increases adaptogenic energy, strengthens overall Energy (Qi) in the body, and promotes longevity. Shiu Chu Ginseng root is the highest grade of cultivated ginseng from China. It is grown from wild seed stock in the mountain valleys of northeast China by families that have been cultivating it for generations. It is distinct with its golden-reddish color that is derived from the ancient steaming and processing methods used in its production. It is thought that roots with high levels of golden coloring have the highest amount of active compounds in it, making it much more powerful. This ginseng provides much physical and spiritual power. Supremely adaptogenic and physically and mentally invigorating,

Shiu Chu Ginseng is for those that demand the best. Spirit Ginseng is a semi-wild ginseng from seeds of wild ginseng planted and looked after in the wild. For that reason, it has a high Spirit (Shen) energy. When the root is picked, the tails of the roots are tied together to lock in the Spirit of the plant. Spirit ginseng is a nice balance of both Spirit and Energy.

Eleuthero root, also known as Siberian Ginseng, is technically not a member of the ginseng family. However, like ginseng, it is a supreme adaptogenic herb that also enhances physical and mental endurance and energy. It nourishes the Kidneys and is beneficial for anyone experiencing general weakness or lack of vitality. It is a favorite herb of athletes as it enhances oxygenation metabolism and circulation of blood. It is grown in the sparse tundra of Siberia where only the hearty survive. (The strength it takes for this plant to survive in nature translates into a unique kind of potency which you derive the benefit from when you take this herb.

2 Fl. oz.

70 servings per bottle

Ideal for: Anyone seeking more energy and adaptability, athletes, Busy professionals, anyone under regular or ongoing stress.

Tcm functions: Powerfully tonifies the primal Qi of the five organs, strengthens the Spleen and tonifies the Stomach, Tonifies the Lungs, Benefits the Heart Qi and calms the Spirit, Nourishes the Yin.

Usage: Take one to three squirts as needed two times per day. You can take them directly in your mouth or you can add them to teas, smoothies, or shakes.

Extract ratio: 8:1

Panax ginseng (chinese white) root, panax ginseng root (shiu chu asian ginseng), panax ginseng root (korean red ginseng), panax ginseng root (korean white ginseng), eleutherococcus senticosus root, panax quinquefolium (american ginseng) root extract powder, poria cocos sclerotium, ziziphus jujuba (red jujube) fruit, panax quinquefolius root (wild american ginseng), panax ginseng root (wild siberian ginseng), panax ginseng root (wild red siberian ginseng), panax ginseng root (wild chungbai mountain ginseng)
Other ingredients
Spring water, organic grape alcohol (25% by volume).
Jing Herbs
2 fl oz.