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Floracopeia Kapha Essential Oil Blend

The Kapha Blend Ayurvedic essential oil is energizing, warming and clarifying and it's uplifting effects are immediately noticeable upon first inhalation.
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The Kapha Essential Oil Blend contains a therapuetic blend of pure essential oils of Tulsi (Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum), Cedar (Cedrus), Orange (Citrus sinensus), and Himalayan Cinnamon (Cinnamomum ceciododaphne). The Kapha Essential Oil Blend is an excellent choice for your home or work diffuser and has exceptional benefits for the respiratory system, encouraging a healthy inflammatory response. Inhalation of the Kapha blend provides stimulation to the mind and awareness to the senses.

Why Floracopeia?

Floracopeia was established to help preserve and promote the use of botanical medicines as solutions to the widespread ecological destruction taking place in the world, and the loss of medicinal plants on which traditional medical systems depend. We provide our customers with the highest quality essential oils and other botanical aromatic treasures through the promotion of ecological sustainability, organic agriculture, and agro-forestry projects.

Our products are acclaimed for their therapeutic-grade, high quality at affordable prices. We provide artisanal quality oils produced by small family-based distillers. We buy directly from farmers and distillers, thus supporting the local economies in which the plants are grown. We do not buy oils from the world-brokers. Floracopeia is founded with a strong medical orientation and is involved in a number of global eco-projects based in grass roots health care, spirituality, reforestation projects, and the preservation and restoration of ethno-botanical culture.

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