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Dragon Herbs Pearl Shen

Nurtures Shen, nourishes Yin and Blood
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The Herbs in Pearl Shen

Duanwood Reishi Mushroom

Over two thousand years ago, Shen Nong said of Reishi Mushroom: 

"The taste is bitter, its atmospheric energy is neutral, it has no toxicity, it cures (removes) the accumulation of pathogenic factors in the chest, it is good for the Qi (functional activities) of the heart including mental activities, it tonifies the Spleen, increases wisdom, improves memory so that you won't forget, long-term consumption will lighten your body, you will never become old, it lengthens years, it has spiritual power, and it develops Shen so that you become a "spirit-being" like the immortals."

In the 16th Century pharmacopoeia Ben Cao Gang Mu, which contains hundreds of natural herbs the Chinese have used for thousands of years, compiler Li Shi Chen described the uses of Reishi: 

"It benefits the life energy, or Qi of the heart, repairing the chest area and benefiting those with a knotted and tight chest. It also increases intellectual capacity and banishes forgetfulness. Taken over a long period of time, agility of the body will not cease, and the years are lengthened to those of the Immortals."

Ganoderma was particularly revered by the followers of the Taoist tradition as the "Elixir of Immortality" and as the "Herb of Spiritual Potency." Taoists have continuously claimed that Reishi promotes calmness, centeredness, balance, inner awareness and inner strength. They have used it to improve meditative practices and to protect the body, mind and spirit so that the adept could attain both a long and healthy life and spiritual "immortality" (the Chinese Taoist term for enlightenment, or ultimate spiritual realization).

Reishi is a superb anti-stress herb. Throughout history it has been used to bring balance into the lives of people who needed help in this department, and that means most everyone. Deep in antiquity, "The Herb of Spiritual Potency" was routinely used by mountain hermits, monks, Taoist adepts and spiritual seekers throughout Asia because it was believed to help calm the mind, ease tension, strengthen the nerves, strengthen memory, sharpen concentration, improve focus, build will power and, as a result, help build wisdom. The people of Asia have never lost their faith in Reishi. They believe more than ever in Reishi's power to improve the quality of life by improving the inner life of a human being.

It is the profound ability of Reishi to improve one's life on every plane that makes it so miraculous. Reishi is indeed calming and centering. Everyone who takes Reishi notices the peacefulness that seems to accompany its use. Many people are able to stop using chemical drugs. And Reishi's benefits are cumulative, gradually strengthening the nerves and actually changing how we perceive life.

Micro-Ground Pearl

For centuries, Chinese medical texts have credited ground Pearl Powder with the ability to relieve uneasiness of the heart and mind. This ability to stabilize uneven emotions is known as Shen stabilization. Ground Pearl Powder is a profound Shen stabilizer. It is among the elite substances of this type known. Ground Pearl Powder can relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension. Pearl promotes sound sleep, prevents nerve-disorders and nerve weakness, and is commonly used to prevent or overcome fatigue. Consistent use helps a person maintain their energy and vitality. It is an ideal Shen tonic and is the main ingredient in the finest Shen tonic formulations.


Powdered Amber is primarily used in Chinese herbalism to relax the nerves and calm the mind. It is safe and effective as a mild tranquilizer. It is believed that by calming the mind by consuming Amber and other related Shen stabilizing agents, the mind has the opportunity to rest, regain strength and focus. Amber is thus used in formulas both for calming anxiety and for improving the power of the mind. It is believed therefore to improve concentration, memory and alertness when consumed in moderation over a continuous period of time, especially when combined with other Shen stabilizers such as Reishi Mushroom, Polygonum Stem, Pearl Powder and Zizyphus Seed. Amber is always used with other herbs in a formulation. Amber has excellent effects for people experiencing palpitations due to anxiety, insomnia, excessive dreaming and nightmares. Amber can be especially beneficial to those who suffer excess tension due to stress.

Polygonatum Sibericum Root

Polygonatum is believed to be rejuvenating to the mind. It replenishes energy that has been drained due to overwork, over-thinking, excessive stress and lack of sleep.

Triticum Fermented Seed

Fermented Triticum Seed can sedate the nerves and is especially effective in relieving over - excitation of the cranial nerve.

Albizzia Flower

Albizzia Flower is a wonderful Shen tonic. The flower of this exotic tree is especially famous among the Chinese for use when one is experiencing emotional problems such as a broken heart and the experience of great loss. The flower of Albizzia is calming and improves mood. It helps with anxiety, insomnia, irritability, anger, forgetfulness, excessive worry, etc. It is commonly used for any chronic emotional upsets. It has a wonderful Shen lifting (mood elevating) ability. It is one of the best herbs to use for people who are depressed, very angry, despair or paranoia. (Severe depression and despondence are medical conditions that requires medical attention).

Spirit Poria

Spirit Poria is a very good Shen tonic herb. it is the central area of a mushroom that grows on the roots of aging pine trees. It was used by Taoists and has been held in the highest esteem by spiritual seekers. It is believed by the Taoists to have a very special power to lift Shen and to help develop the Spirit. It is one of the major Shen tonic and Shen stabilizing substances and has acquired a special reputation for it overall emotional balancing benefits. By stabilizing the emotions, the true mind is able to develop fully, unhindered by emotional distraction.

Zizyphus Seed

Zizyphus Seed is one of the most commonly used herbs in Chinese herbalism. It is the quintessential gentle tranquilizing herbal substance. Being neutral in energy and mild in nature, it is the most commonly used herb in sedative formulas designed to help relax the mind. It is categorized as a heart-blood tonic, therefore directly calming the heart, which is the Seat of Shen and which determines our emotional stability. This is a very good herb for those who suffer insomnia do to a slight or profound anemic condition. In a formula such as this, Zizyphus will not cause drowsiness, but will ease the mind, and when sleep comes, it will help the sleeping process and will be helpful to those whose sleep is restless and those who are having nightmares.

Licorice Root

Chinese Licorice Root is a harmonizing herb that unifies the functions of the many herbs in this formula. It also gently removes many toxins from the body.

Eclipta Herb

Eclipta Herb is a diuretic, eliminates dampness and is an expectorant. It is used in this formula to relieve tension around the heart and lungs that cause emotional imbalance.

Polygala Root

Polygala removes phlegm obstructions and opens the internal path between the Kidney and Heart. Polygala harmonizes the energy of the Heart and Kidney by opening a channel of energy between the two organs, helping to dissipate fear and to promote the sense of well being and the experience of love. Polygala, traditionally know as "the Will Strengthener," helps strengthen Will Power.

Salvia Root

Salvia Root cools the heart. Because of that function, it has the ability to stabilize Shen and reduce agitation.

Asparagus Root

Asparagus root nourishes the Yin, purges Fire, moistens dryness and stabilizes the emotions.

Bupleurum Root

Bupleurum relieves Liver tension, disperses blocked Qi and Blood, and reduces tension throughout the body.

Polygonum Stem

Polygonum stem, the stem of its more famous root, Fallopia multiflora, is a powerful Shen stabilizing agent used in many formulas to calm the Spirit, steady the mind and promote sound sleep. It has a smooth action and is very safe to use.

Traditional Function: Nurtures Shen, nourishes Yin and Blood

Who can use it? Anyone struggling on the emotional plane, and by those who seek spiritual well being

Concentration: 8:1

Specifications: 100 Capsules 450 mg each

Ingredients: Duanwood Reishi fruiting body, Amber, Hydrolyzed Pearl, Polygonatum rhizome, Triticum fruit, Albizia julibrissin flower, Spirit Poria sclerotium, Zizyphus seed, Chinese Licorice root, Eclipta herb, Polygala root, Chinese Salvia root, Chinese Asparagus root, Bupleurum root, Polygonum multiflorum root

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules (Pullulan caps 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process; vegetable origin; non-GMO; no starch, preservative or chemical modifications; gluten free.), rice powder.

Usage: Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional

Remember Ron Teeguarden's "First Rule of Tonic Herbalism," summed up in a single word -- Compliance. If you don't take the herbs, they won't work."

Duanwood reishi fruiting body, amber, pure pearl powder, polygonatum rhizome, triticum fruit, a lbizzia julibrissin flower, spiritporia sclerotium, zizyphus seed, chinese licorice root, eclipta herb, polygala root, chinese salvia root, chinese asparagus root, bupleurum root, he shou wu (polygonum multiflorum) root.
Other ingredients
Vegetarian capsules, rice powder.
Suggested Use
Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Additional info
Pullulan caps 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process; vegetable origin; non-GMO; no starch, preservatives or chemical modifications; gluten free.
Quantity & type
100 capsules 450 mg each.
Dragon Herbs
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