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Monoatomic Gold

The concept of monatomic gold, also known as gold powder or white gold powder has been around for thousands of years. For example, the Ancient Egyptians believed that by eating powdered gold that they could gain immortality. White powder gold in ancient times was a substance believed to only be taken by royalty and initiates in the mystery cults, and it was supposed to confer incredible longevity and vitality on those who took it. In the US in the mid-1970’s a farmer called David Hudson discovered a white powder that he believed was monatomic gold while he was trying to extract gold and silver from the tailings of an old mine in Arizona. Hudson alleged that his monatomic gold had some wonderful health benefits and some unusual properties like being a high-temperature superconductor and if heated the correct way being able to levitate as it then weighed less than nothing. He classified these white gold powders in the 1980 as ORMEs or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. David Hudson gained patents for his monatomic gold in the UK and Australia and started equating it with ‘the elixir of life’, ‘the food of the gods’ and even ‘the philosopher’s stone’.

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