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Ambaya Gold Super Conductive Vitamins

Ambaya Gold's Super-Conductive Vitamin Formula is a blend of anti-oxidant vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids designed to replenish the body.
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Super-Conductive Vitamins™(Essential Vitamins in a Fulvic Base for Vital Catalytic Nutrition)

Ambaya Gold's Super-Conductive Vitamin supplement is a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids designed to replenish the body while helping to maintain stronger and healthier systemic functioning. 

Vitamin A (as beta-carotene) 4600 iu 92%; vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 1252 iu 313%; vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) 30 iu 100%; vitamin B1 (as thiamine) 1.5 mg 100%; vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) 1.9 mg 112%; niacin (as niacinamide) 18 mg 90%; vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine) 2.34 mg 117%; folate 1500 mcg 375%; vitamin B12 (as methylcobalimin) 31.2 mcg 520%; pantothenic acid (as d-calcium pantothenate) 9 mg 90%; proprietary fulvic blend 695 mg: fulvic, pge gold, pge indium, methylsulfonylmethane (pure msm), taurine, l-theanine (from green tea), l-carnosine, l-glutathione, n-acetyl l-carnitine hcl, choline bitartrate, p-aminobenzoic acid
Other ingredients
Plant-based enzyme phytonutrients and 72 minerals, elements and amino acids including - boron, bromine, calcium carbonate, carbon, chromium, cobalt, copper, germanium, gold, hydrogen, indium, iodine, iridium, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, platinum, potassium, rhodium, selenium, silicon, silver, sodium, sulfur, vanadium, and zinc, plus the following amino acids: alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, cystine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalinine, proline, serinine, threonine, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine.
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