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Vivapura Coconut Creme - Vanilla

A Stone-ground, Whole Food, Delightfully Delicious Indulgence!
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A Stone-ground, Whole Food, Delightfully Delicious Indulgence!

Our Original Coconut Creme is blended with with raw, organic, fair-trade, vanilla bean powder for a pure exotic flavor rarely experienced. Unlike many other coconut butters and creams it is low-temperature, stone-ground from raw, organic Coconut Flakes. Never any extra sweeteners or fillers. Coconut Creme is a healthy whole food as well as a raw comfort food that really satisfies the craving for rich sweet flavors. It simply melts in your mouth with a heavenly flavor.

This low-glycemic decadence is a great source of essential amino acids, dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals - a highly nutritious whole food.

Suggested Uses:

A yummy spread.Use a dollop in Chai Tea to create a truly satisfying vegan alternative.Add to smoothies to impart a rich creamy flavor.Use as a creamy base in raw deserts.Use to make vegan hot chocolate.Use as frosting on sweet dehydrated live breads.Eat a spoonful when you really desire comfort food.

Ingredients:raw, organic coconut flakes & raw, organic, fair-trade vanilla bean powder

Usage Tips:

Vanilla Coconut Creme & Chocolate Coconut Creme are especially great for desertsOriginal Coconut Creme is perfect for ethnic and savory dishes.Creme hardens below 70 F. To melt, use double boiler or dehydrator.Best kept unrefrigerated.Stir well before serving.Not for use in cooking.Not for use as a skin moisturizer.

Now comes in a glass jar.
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