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Dragon Herbs Desert Cistanche Drops

Cistanche, the King of Desert Herbs.
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Desert Cistanche Drops is a very potent Yang tonic preparation made from one of the world's truly elite tonic herbs, Desert Cistanche. It has been used for centuries by men to enhance male sexual function and power, and many women consume it as well. Desert Cistanche Drops is made with large wild Cistanche (Rou Cong Rong in Chinese) from the desert of Western Mongolia and Inner Mongolia as it rises westward toward the Heaven Mountains of Central Asia. Genghis Khan consumed Desert Cistanche every day. This unrivaled tincture is rich and pleasant to the palette.
Traditionally in Chinese health philosophy, a range of functions including the sexual, renal, structural (skeletal), neurological, marrow-supporting and endocrine functions, and their related tissues, are known collectively as the "Kidney." Desert Cistanche is a superior "Kidney tonic herb" that may be used by men or women, though it is most widely used by men to promote sexual power and virility. It is famously known as the "Stalk Enlarger." It has gained the traditional reputation of strengthening male erections, intensifying orgasms in both men and women, and for enlarging the penis. Cistanche is also considered to be an excellent mood supporting herb. (No scientific-consensus substantiation is available yet for any of these traditional "benefits." Cistanche is NOT an E D drug, and is not used to treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is a tonic herb, a kind of superfood that promotes optimal functioning of normal bodily functions.)

Research on Desert Cistanche

A set of constituents known as PhGs (phenylethanoid glycosides) are the primary constituents of Cistanche for tonifying Kidney functions. These Cistanche glycosides are quite similar to those of Rehmannia, another well-known Kidney tonic herb. Rehmannia is considered to be a Yin Kidney tonic. In fact, three of the primary glycosides found in Cistanche are also found in Rehmannia, along with Rehmannia's primary glycoside, catalpol. Rehmannia and Cistanche are both rich in sterols such as sitosterol. Thus, it seems that the "gentle" nature of Cistanche, generally considered a very potent Yang tonic, is due to having constituents that also nourish Yin.
Recently, there has been increasing scientific attention on Cistanche for its remarkable anti-aging, antioxidant and neuroprotective bioactivities. Pharmacological studies show that saponins called cistanocides, related to the ginsenosides of Ginseng and the astragalosides of Astragalus, are major active components of Cistanche. These cistanocides contribute to an energy tonifying, adaptogenic range of actions. Cistanche long ago earned the honorable title of "Ginseng of the Desert."
Cistanche also contains a rich array of volatile oils, iridoids, lignans, alditols, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides that contribute to its many tonic functions.
Galactitol and the oligosaccharides moisten and nourish the colon and support normal healthy bowel functions. This is one of the primary functions of Desert Cistanche.Cistanche polysaccharides and cistanocides are responsible for improving body immunity.
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