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Om Pur Deluxe Woman's Gift Set

A Deluxe Woman's Gift Set from GoneGreenStore.com
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Deluxe Woman's Gift Set Includes:

1 Om Pur Coconut Cucumber Facial Cleanser

1 Om Pur Clary Sage Lavender Clarifying Toning Mist

1 Om Pur Tamanu Jasmine Soothing Moisturizer

1 Om Pur Fir Needle Spruce Body Cleanser

1 Om Pur Sunflower Plantago Body Lotion

1 Dragon Herbs Organic Schizandra Capsules

1 Dragon Herbs Bupleurum & Peony Capsules

1 Dragon Herbs Pearl Powder Capsules

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize with the finest wild crafted and organic skin care products available and beautify yourself from the inside out with the World's finest Chinese herbs. This gift set will invigorate you with a radiant glow that is unparalleled to anything else. 

Balanced skin begins with the right cleanser, After cleansing with Coconut Cucumber Facial Cleanser, we provide a soothing, antimicrobial, oil-balancing, hydrating mist to treat blemished skin naturally. Finish with our Tamanu-Jasmine Soothing Moisturizer, a balancing blend of calming antioxidant herbs and oils ideally suited to nourish imbalanced skin, prevent aging effects and sensitive skin reactions, and maintain normal balanced moisture retention.

Bupleurum and Peony is one of the most widely used formulations ever created by a human being. It is used primarily by women to regulate their hormones and establish physiological balance. It has the additional function of helping to establish emotional balance, when hormone irregularities have caused an imbalance.

Schizandra fruit, from the plant Schisandra chinensis, is "the herb that does it all." It develops and protects the primary energies of life. Schizandra, known as the "quintessence of Chinese tonic herbs," supports vitality and beauty when used regularly for some time. It is said to promote beautiful skin. Schizandra is said to help purify the blood, support the mind, help maintain a strong memory, and help maintain sexual energy and sexual functions in both men and women.

Pearl powder is one of the most precious dietary supplements from the Orient. Dragon Herbs utilizes the very latest technology to produce the finest pearl powder available in the world for dietary supplement use. Of course, pearls are usually thought of in the Western world as a jewel to be worn, not consumed. But in the Orient, finely ground pearl powder has been used as a dietary supplement for thousands of years, especially by the wealthy. It has many physiological actions beneficial to humans.Pearl is one of the great secrets of the most beautiful women of the Orient.

Om Pur