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AquaLiv Water Filter - Residential

Better Health by the Glass. Drinking AquaLiv Water improves health and wellbeing, but don't take our word for it. See what our customers are saying.
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If you are not satisfied with the AquaLiv Water System for any reason, simply return it to us within 90 days of the purchase date for a complete refund!

What's the Residential model?

The Residential Model is designed for families or smaller groups of up to 6 adults.

This system ships with a Basic Chrome Faucet.

Included Items

One Purification ModuleOne Enhancement ModuleBasic Chrome faucet3/8" OD cold water connection valveFlexible piping with easy to install push-fit connectorsFilter change wrench

How does the AquaLiv Water System work?

First the water is cleansed of harmful chemicals and toxins, including harmful fluoride. Our unique process leaves the beneficial minerals intact—just like it would be if you drank perfect water in nature. Next, water is enhanced with the qualities of pure, natural spring water. Most water systems simply stop after purification, but Nature doesn't and neither do we. You see, great water isn't just free of contaminates, but also has a special molecular structure that helps you achieve better health.

By mimicking Nature, the AquaLiv Water System is the only alkaline water ionizer that creates naturally perfect water right in one's home.

The revolutionary AquaLiv Water System installs under the kitchen sink

No electricity needed to run the systemSystem is eco-friendly—no water is wastedRemoves most impurities including harmful fluorideLeaves in the beneficial minerals that reverse osmosis systems strip awayCreates a healthful, stable alkaline pH Increases circulation and blood oxygen levels Stabilizes blood sugar Safe for people and pets of all agesNo side-effects like most alkaline water ionizersCosts less than inferior systemsMaintenance free – filter cartridges last up to one year or 1000 gallonsDesigned and Assembled in Seattle, Washington U.S.A.nsf independently certified components7-Year Warranty 90-day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Reasons to Choose AquaLiv Water Nutrient rich water.

Bottled water and tap water do not contain the nutrients our bodies need. The AquaLiv Water System addresses every aspect of water to make it whole and full of vital nutrients. You will feel the difference. The AquaLiv Water System produces water just like nature intended, using processes created by Nature herself.AquaLiv Water hydrates the body rapidly. Users notice a significant difference when hydrating with AquaLiv Water—no matter how much is consumed there's never that bloated feeling that comes with drinking inferior water. AquaLiv is better than common alkaline water ionizers. 31% of AquaLiv Water System owners purchased an alkaline water ionizer machine before finding us. Skip the ionizer purchase and subsequent side effects. Start with the AquaLiv Water System. AquaLiv works in harmony with nature and your body. AquaLiv does not create an artificial pH like most alkaline water ionizers, so it won't make you feel good for a few months and then leave you with side effects. AquaLiv is your perfect water for life. AquaLiv is your fountain of youth. AquaLiv's dramatic hydration ability, antioxidant effects, and beneficial bioinformation make your skin glow. Your body is 80% water—turn that into an 80% glow with AquaLiv!Recharge your batteries with AquaLiv. Feeling run down? Drink 12-16 oz of AquaLiv Water at once. Feel the subtle energies coursing through you. AquaLiv is true cellular energy, not an artificial stimulant like caffeine or the artificial pH created by most alkaline water ionizers. End senseless bottled water impact. AquaLiv is good for you and the environment. Use AquaLiv to wash fruits and vegetables, cook, water plants, and even provide a health-boost to your pets. Take advantage of our 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.