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Vivapura Raw Organic Vanilla Bean Powder

4 ounces of Raw Organic, Fair-Trade Vanilla Powder by Vivapura
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Vanilla comes from the green seed pod of a celadon-colored orchid. Vanilla Powder is the result of grinding the whole, dried, raw, organic Vanilla Bean into a fine flavor-rich powder. Vanilla Powder is easy to use, and unlike extract, its flavor will never evaporate. Create your own food alchemy with this exotic prized spice.
Vanilla, a sweet, rich "food of the gods," is the second most expensive spice in the world, with good reason. Growing vanilla commercially is an extremely labor intensive and delicate operation. And Vivapura's Vanilla is done so according to fair-trade standards, ensuring that all workers are paid a livable wage and work under humane conditions.

Each vanilla pod is hand-harvested while still green, then hand selected by a Vanilla Expert for premium quality. The pod is cured for 3 months to ensure the richest flavor and aroma. Curing is achieved by sun-drying the green pods each day and rolling them in blankets at night to "sweat." This darkens the pod to a deep rich brown color and brings out the unique prized flavor of vanilla. Once the bean is completely dry, it is carefully ground into a fine deep brown powder with the ultimate exotic scent and pure delicate flavor. Nothing is ever added or removed! You get all the exquisiteness the Vanilla Pod has to offer.

Suggested Uses:

Add to your favorite dessert recipes for a finer flavor.Replace Vanilla Extract: 1/2 t vanilla powder = 1 t vanilla extractStir into cooled chai tea.Add to smoothies.Spice up your nut mylks.Spiced Nut Butters: Stir into your favorite nut butter for an exotic treat.


raw, organic, fair-trade vanilla powder (from whole vanilla beans)

Store in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Vanilla Powder