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Vivapura Super Vitality Trail Mix - Raw, Organic

A half pound of raw, organic Trail Mix from Vivapura
Buy 5 or more and save up to 10%!

Vivapura Trail Mix is food for the adventure of life. Power your body & brain for the journey. A delicious, satisfying blend of the worlds finest whole, raw, organic foods fuel you as nature intended - creating energy, stamina and clarity. Blaze your own trail!

Vivapura's original superfood trail mix is made with only the highest quality, nutrient dense, raw, organic ingredients available. This delicious blend contains:

Cacao nibswild-crafted Goji BerriesGolden MulberriesHunza RaisinsIncan BerriesPistachiosPumpkin SeedsCoconut FlakesWild Jungle Peanuts

. . . And nothing else: no preservatives, no sweeteners, no processing.

Suggested Uses:

Power your life on the trail or energize the workday.Add to your granola recipe.Drizzle with Cocopura Coconut Creme.

Trail Mix