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Vivapura Really Raw Almond Butter 8 oz

8 ounces of Really Raw Organic Stone Ground Almond Butter by Vivapura
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This is the most energized, carefully created Almond Butter in the world. It is Truly Raw, Handcrafted, and Stone-ground!

We start with non-steam pasteurized, fresh Sicilian Almonds. (You may know that all almonds produced in the US are not raw even when the label says they are.) They are sprouted (soaked for at least 12 hours) to remove the natural enzyme inhibitors in the almond and to activate the life-force. This makes for easier digestion and optimal nutrient absorption. The Almonds are then dehydrated at 115° to prevent fermentation after the butter is made. These vital nuts are then carefully stone-ground in small batches ensuring the finest flavor and preservation of all the delicate nutrients. Finally, you get to be nourished and energized by creamy almond goodness (and nothing else)! Enjoy!

Enjoy Almond Butter as it was meant to be - whole, fresh, raw, organic, and made with love!

Suggested Uses:

Almond Mylk: Blend Almond Butter along with a sweetener to taste - try Yacon Syrup. You might even want to add cinnamon or spices. An easy recipe that creates smooth mylk without straining.

Spread on raw crackers and breads.

Add to smoothies.

Add to desserts.

Best kept refrigerated to maintain freshness

Ingredients: organic almonds

Now comes in a glass jar

8 oz