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NariVeda Prana Veda

Activate your Longevity Genes with our Advanced, Anti-Aging Elixir. Gluten Free Raw, Vegan
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Activate your "Longevity Genes" with our Advanced, Anti-Aging Elixir

What is Prana Veda? 

Prana Veda is a unique and exclusive combination of well-researched, clinically validated, anti-aging, Rasayana adaptogenic herbs with over 90 life-essential, organic micronutrients. Prana Veda slows catabolic tissue destruction and provides multimodal support for foundational cellular nutritional and longevity. Prana Veda effectively penetrates the cell's phospholipid bi-layer to repair and balance natural rhythms and systems of your body with over 15 patented result-targeted nutrients to make one of the world's most powerful whole food concentrated Energy Elixirs.

Prana Veda contains: A first of it's kind bio-stabilized plant based omega 3 derived from algal oil, complete vitamin B complex from organic plant based sources, vitamin K2 from fermented chickpeas, beta carotene, organic amla extract, Na-Rala (R-Alpha Lipoic Acid), Ashwagandha, Curcumin, Resveratrol, Shilajit, Citrus Bio-Flavonoids, L-Glutathione, L-Carnitine, Taurine, Coenzyme Q-10, Green Coffee Bean Extract, colloidal silver, and over 70 trace minerals.

Why Should You Supplement with Prana Veda?

Your body's ability to generate healthy cells begins to decline at the age of 25! As you age, your body's ability to produce healthy, young cells begins to decline. As we get older, a balanced immune and inflammatory response becomes critical to guarding our health. Catabolic factors such as oxidative stress and inflammation attack our cells' energy-generating mitochondria more aggressively with each passing year. This degradation, combined with an age-related decline in our cellular metabolism and energy production can impact our vitality and quality of life. Left unchecked, this fatal cycle speeds the general decline in overall function that accompanies aging and contributes to the onset of degenerative disease. Researchers have discovered that age-related mitochondrial dysfunction –which can ultimately lead to DNA damage and cell demise – can be prevented and even reversed. The key lies in early and sustained interventions that support optimal mitochondrial health and functions.Prana Veda is a nutrient dense multivitamin, packed with flavonoids, phenolic compounds, essential micro minerals, amino acids and specialized bio actives to ward off the negative effects of aging at the cellular level, rejuvenate cellular energy output and promote mitochondrial health. Prana Veda's clinically validated ingredients creates a solid core foundation of wellness – amplifying your body's natural defense and detoxification process. Prana Veda promotes systemic youthful functions, regulates genes that control aging while encouraging healthy mitochondrial density with sparking cellular repair, renewal and regrowth.

Key Benefits of Prana Veda

  • Increases and promotes mitochondrial density while maintaining healthy mitochondria to create more energy
  • 9 key synergistic nutrients work to provide superior anti-aging support and nourishment for optimal functioning and longevity of all your body's systems
  • Protects cardiovascular, cognitive, immune, eye, joint, and skin health
  • Contains the "Golden Trio" of Rasayana herbs, Ashwagandha, Curcumin and Shilajit that create a nutrient-dense synergy providing optimal support for cellular energy production
  • Provides exceptionally powerful head-to-toe "coantioxidant" protection—delivering a high antioxidant load that has the ability to neutralize free radicals in both water-based and lipid-based portions of cells making it the ideal whole-body antioxidant
  • Re-mineralization of the skeletal system. Increases bone density and facilitates healthy collagen production
  • Strengthens metabolic mechanism and increases elasticity of blood vessels by lowering lipid concentration and decreases bad cholesterol and triglycerides in blood
  • Protects and improves skin smoothness, complexion and homogeneity of challenged and stressed skin.
  • May help change the way your body "ages" by strengthening the Biological Battery of your body so you may operate at Peak Performance.
Suggested Use
1-2 Tea Spoons per day
8.5 oz