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NariVeda Cardio Veda

An Innovative and Unique Ayurvedic Approach to Heart Health.
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What is Cardio Veda?

Cardio Veda – Due to its innovative and cutting edge formulation philosophy, Cardio Veda is unlike many other products on the market making it a revolutionary product in cardiovascular and circulation category.

Cardio Veda delivers a concentrated dose of essential heart-friendly nutrients with tried-and-true legendary rasayana adaptogenic herbs to help keep blood platelets smooth so your blood and body, both moves freely and smoothly. It is designed with ingredients that are known to specifically provide direct support for the transport and oxidation of fatty acids into the mitochondria, providing an important source of muscular energy.

  • Support Healthy Blood Lipid Levels by increasing Blood Levels of Nitrate/Nitrite, a marker of Nitric Oxide

  • Super Energizing Synergy of Nutrients that Supports Higher Mitochondrial Functioning

  • Help assist Athletes seeking to enhance Blood Flow to Working Muscles

  • Prevent and Reduce the Arterial Endothelial Cell Injury and Improve the Endothelial Function

  • Co-Antioxidant Protection for Anti-aging and Immune Health

8.5 fl oz