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Hybrid Herbs Lion's Mane Mushroom 10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder-2oz

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What is lion's mane mushroom powder?

Lion's mane is a medicinal mushroom that often grows wild on dead trees throughout Asia, North America, and parts of Europe. The legend goes that it gave people nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Lion's Mane Mushrooms are often prescribed to boost memory and concentration, heal and regenerate nerve tissue and improve digestive function.


  • 100% Natural - Our Lion's Mane extract is 100% Natural, just as nature intended.

  • 10:1 Concentrated Extract - Our Lion's Mane is a highly concentrated extract, delivering at least 56 servings per 2oz pack

  • Ready To Consume - Simply add to your favourite teas, smoothies or sprinkle on foods.

What's in lion's mane mushroom?

A whole host of pure ingredients, including minerals, amino acids, polypeptides, fatty acids, polysaccharides and nerve growth factors.

What should I do with it?

Add half to one teaspoon of lion's mane to your favourite hot drink, or even a cold drink. It mixes up perfectly in a smoothie or shake. If you're feeling peckish, you can use it to season your food, safe in the knowledge it's adding a spoonful of raw health to the dish. Enjoy!

Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) 10:1 Concentrated extract powder
Suggested Use
1/2 - 1 teaspoon to your favourite smoothies, teas, coffees or beverage of choice.
Quantity & type
Servings Per Pack: At least 56
Hybrid Herbs
2 oz