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The 7 Best Foods For Allergy Season

By Benjamin Weigel on 21st March, 2017
1. Polyrhachis Ant

There's an old saying among Chinese Herbalists that goes, "Ginseng is the king of herbs and ant is the herb of kings". Of course in Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners follow the law of similarity and consuming anything that can lift 400 times it's body mass is probably going to do a lot of good for your strength and general health. The reason ant made this list though is the fact that it's the highest source of zinc among all living organisms. When there is not enough zinc present in the body our tissue fluids are flooded with histamine, which causes all of the symptoms that are usually associated with allergies. The trace minerals and nutrients in ant are one of the best defenses against the overproduction of histamine and that's what makes ant our top pick for allergy season.   

2. Local Honey and Bee Pollen

There are some differing opinions on the effectiveness of honey for allergies. The general idea is that the pollen inside of the honey has a small dose of potential allergens and by introducing it into your system it will help your body build immunity to it. The issue that's been noted is that the types of pollens in honey are from flowers and other plants that we are unlikely to ever develop allergies to. Regardless, we've seen and heard many testimonies of people who were able to curb their allergies by consuming a little bit of local honey each day heading into allergy season. It's definitely worth a shot if you are looking for a natural source of relief that's relatively inexpensive and tasty. Bee pollen is perhaps even more effective because it's been shown to demonstrate strong antihistamine properties. Check for a local source or try our personal favorite bee pollen here.  

3. Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is an incredible gift from nature. With over 200 bioactive nutrients this incredible superfood has so many uses and positive effects on the body that it would be difficult to list them all here. From balancing hormones by revitalizing the endocrine system, to increasing glutathione levels to give your cells an antioxidant boost, there's not much this wonderful powder can't do. We take pine pollen for our general health and wellbeing, but it's something I always recommend upping the dose on during allergy season


Kefir balances the body's ecosystem, supports digestive health and immunity, reduces inflammation, moderates the body's allergy response, and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also a good source of calcium, protein, many vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals. Because the fermentation process digests most of the lactose in the milk, it is 99% lactose free and doesn't produce sinus congestion and mucus that is common after consuming dairy products. We prefer goat milk kefir over bovine, coconut kefir is also a great alternative if you prefer a completely plant based option.


High in resveratrol and other polyphenols blueberries are an excellent food source during allergy season. Resveratrol has been shown to suppress the antibody immunoglobulin E which plays a major role in most allergies and their symptoms. Blueberries are also extremely high in antioxidants and can help protect our immune system and cellular function. As an added bonus blueberries are also low in inflammatory lectins that can cause damage to your intestinal lining, making them a Green Team top pick!

6. Stinging Nettle Root

When discussing natural remedies for allergies we have to bring up stinging nettle. It helps fight inflammation that occurs in the body as the result of allergy symptoms and can do a wonder of good for your hair, skin, and hormone health. Stinging nettle contains histamine, the chemical your body produces during an allergic reaction, so it helps you acquire tolerance, and is one of the best herbs for beautiful skin and hair.

7. Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

Styrian pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and essential fatty acids. Usually hailed for their positive impact on men's prostate health, styrian pumpkin seeds have received quite the reputation as a superfood. The reason they made this list is because they happen to be the highest source of plant based zinc on the planet, a crucial trace mineral for allergy relief.

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