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Ambrosia Alchemy ~ Elixir of Light & Prosperity

Ambrosia is prepared as a Spagyric Tincture; an initiatory elixir that nourishes the physical body, soul, and spirit of those who receive it.
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Ambrosia literally means "immortality" in Greek; it is derived from the Greek word ambrotos ("immortal"), which combines the prefix a- (meaning "not") with mbrotos ("mortal"). In Greek and Roman mythology, only the immortals-gods and goddesses-could eat ambrosia.

Ambrosia in many cultures across the world and throughout time, has referred to an elixir of "divine life". When drank or smelled it gifted longevity or even, as the literal linguistic meaning states, immortality.

Extraction method: 

Ambrosia is prepared as a Spagyric Tincture; an initiatory elixir that nourishes the physical body, soul, and spirit of those who receive it. Harnessing the power, intelligence, creativity, and harmony of nature the alchemist aligns with the planets, Moon cycles, elements, and their own souls light, infusing the tincture with the capacity to elevate well-being and consciousness. "Spagyric" Spao meaning separate and gyre, meaning recombine is an alchemical process of separating the many parts of a plant, mineral, or metal purifying and concentrating and then bringing back together into a perfectly evolved hyper-intelligent and deeply bio-available whole.

What's Inside?

Pinion Pine:

Nourishes the master endocrine gland, the pineal gland, raising intuition and harmonizing the whole glandular system of the body. It also highly enhances creative focus, boosts the immune system, strengthens the heart and circulation, and synergizes proper hormone balance.

Oil of Amber: 

Boosts overall vitality instilling great mental clarity and alertness as blue amber naturally creates an inner experience of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual lightness. 

Rose Damascena: 

Opens and strengthens the heart energetically and physically while bringing healing to the kidneys releasing fear and contraction. Roses are scientifically proven to be the highest frequency natural substance and intern raises the frequency health/vibrancy of the human body.

Potable Gold / Colloidal Gold / Gold Ormus: 

Promote anti-aging while assisting in the raising of consciousness. As solar elixirs for the mind and heart these present an inner sense of connection and reminder of ones unique genius and absolute importance

Oil of honey: 

Empowers resiliency as a longevity tonic for all the organs of the body; cleansing toxicity from the liver, kidneys, and blood. Oil of Hawaiian honey creates a contagious sunny disposition and bright outlook on life.

Wild Sedona Pinion Pine Needle, Twig, Resin, and Cone, Sacred Valley Bulgaria Rose Damascena and Rose Alba, Raw Arizona Wildflower Honey, Oil of 24k Peruvian Gold, Oil of Dominican Blue Amber, Oil of Hawaiian Honey, Calcined Crystal Plant Salts, Organic Grape Alcohol.
Suggested Use
take one to two droppers for 1 to 2 times per day (hold under your tongue before swallowing) breathing deeply, close your eyes focusing on your third eye, smile and envision your radiant heart, brilliant mind, and shining presence to all that you come into contact with.
Ambrosia Alchemy